Outdoor Dogs

Best Breeds For Outdoors

One of the many benefits of living on a farm or in a house with a big yard (including home in the suburbs, small towns, rural areas, etc.): space is not an issue when it comes to choosing a dog. While apartment dwellers are limited in breed choice, people with plenty of space for dogs to run and play can select big dogs or small dogs, working dogs or lazy dogs, hounds, hunting dogs, you name it. Still, there are other important considerations. Even on a one-acre lot, for example, a herding dog will get pretty bored if it can’t herd. So if you like Australian Cattle Dogs or Sheepdogs, consider moving to a farm, and make sure your pet has something to round-up on a regular basis (cows and sheep are ideal, as their names suggest) — otherwise they’ll herd anything they can find, including children. Speaking of children, Golden and Labrador Retrievers make great family dogs, and even though they’ll spend lots of time indoors with its people, it must have lots of outdoor recreation (a fenced yard or a dog run will work just fine). For outdoor enthusiasts, consider a member of the Sporting family, such as a Siberian Husky, or a Boxer. These breeds love to accompany owners on hiking, camping and fishing trips, and most will have no problem spending a few days out in the elements (as an added bonus, they can also make wonderful watchdogs). When they return home, however, shelter will be much appreciated, so equip your backyard with a doghouse or better yet, allow your pet indoor access. Another important note: big, outdoor dogs should not be left alone day in and day out — they need training and lots of interaction with humans. Dog lovers with busy full-time schedules would be wise to consider one of the apartment-appropriate breeds (see above), even those who have plenty of outdoor space.

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